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Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP)
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Last Updated: 11/27/18

ETCTN Clinical Trials Portfolio Newsletters

NCI ETCTN and NCI EDDOP investigators are eligible to receive monthly electronic newsletters providing updates for ETCTN Cancer Trials. ETCTN e-newsletters are tailored by oncology disease areas (e.g., lung) and provide a brief summary of each disease area's portfolio of trials. The newsletters are easy to scan and show active trials, protocols soon to open, and protocols in development for each disease area. They also highlight each study's accrual to date and any amendment changes. To subscribe to a specific disease area ETCTN e-newsletter, please email your request to (include your full name, organization, and cancer disease area(s) of interest/specialty *).

* See ETCTN Trials by Disease on the CTEP website for an available listing of newsletter disease types. Email with questions or feedback.