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Last Updated: 09/08/17

NCI Registration and Credential Repository (RCR)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations require IND sponsors to select qualified investigators. NCI policy requires all persons participating in any NCI-sponsored clinical trial to register and renew their registration annually.

Registration is accomplished via the NCI Registration and Credential Repository (RCR).

RCR utilizes FIVE person registration types.

  • Investigator (IVR) — MD, DO, or international equivalent
  • Non-Physician Investigator (NPIVR) — advanced practice providers (e.g., NP or PA) or graduate level researchers (e.g., PhD)
  • Associate Plus (AP) — clinical site staff (e.g., RN or CRA) with data entry access to CTSU applications (e.g., RUMS, OPEN, RAVE, TRIAD)
  • Associate (A) — other clinical site staff involved in the conduct of NCI-sponsored trials
  • Associate Basic (AB) — individuals (e.g., pharmaceutical company employees) with limited access to NCI-supported systems

RCR requires the following registration documents:

Documentation Required IVR NPIVR AP A AB
FDA Form 1572
Financial Disclosure Form
NCI Biosketch (education, training, employment, license, and certification)
HSP/GCP training
Agent Shipment Form (if applicable)
CV (optional)

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