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Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP)
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Last Updated: 03/15/24

Staff Directory

Office of the Associate Director (OAD)
Name Position Room Email Phone
Meg Mooney, MD, MS Associate Director, CTEP; Branch Chief, CIB 4W534 240-276-6086
Rolanda Hawkins Program Specialist 5W538 240-276-6129
Yolanda Lake Program Specialist and Contract Analyst 5W432 240-276-6092
Mary Louden Senior Executive Assistant to the Associate Director 4W532 240-276-6006
Shannon West Senior Program Analyst 5W434 240-276-6097
Clinical Grants and Contracts Branch (CGCB)
Name Position Room Email Phone
Lori A. Henderson, PhD Branch Chief 5W602 240-276-5930
Purevdorj (Puje) Olkhanud, MD, PhD, MPH Program Director 5W558 240-276-3535
Minkyung (Min) Song, PhD Program Director 5W564 240-276-6139
Anita Undale, MD, PhD Program Director 5W542 240-276-5251
Clinical Investigations Branch (CIB)
Name Position Room Email Phone
Meg Mooney, MD, MS Branch Chief 5W434 240-276-6086
Malcolm A. Smith, MD, PhD Associate Branch Chief for Pediatric Oncology 5W414 240-276-6087
Toni Akinyemi Executive Assistant 5W402 240-276-7476
Carmen Allegra, MD Physician Consultant with Emphasis on GI Malignancies 5W342 240-276-7645
Andrea M. Denicoff, RN, MS, ANP Head — NCTN Clinical Trials Operations 5W428 240-276-6094
Elise C. Kohn, MD Head — Gynecologic Cancer Therapeutics 5W436 240-276-7163
Larissa Korde, MD Head — Breast Cancer and Melanoma Therapeutics 5W344 240-276-6077
Richard F. Little, MD Head — Hematologic, HIV, and Stem Cell Therapeutics 5W426 240-276-6093
Shakun Malik, MD Head — Thoracic Cancer Therapeutics 5W438 240-276-7824
Bhupinder Mann, MBBS Head — Genitourinary and Brain Cancer Therapeutics 5W444 240-276-6099
Grace Mishkin, PhD, MPH Health Science Policy Analyst 5W346 240-276-5599
Nita L. Seibel, MD Head — Pediatric Solid Tumors 5W340 240-276-6078
Clinical Trials Monitoring Branch (CTMB)
Name Position Room Email Phone
Gary L. Smith Branch Chief 5W332 240-276-6074
Rocio J. Paul Associate Branch Chief 5W336 240-276-6076
Stephanie Byrams Program Support Assistant 5W320 240-276-7649
Lynnareal Elam Program Support Assistant 5W304 240-276-5985
Dorinda Metzger Nurse Consultant 5W328 240-276-6545
Chimere Paskel Clinical Trials Quality Assurance Specialist 5W334 240-276-6507
E. Velega Roberts Senior Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist 5W324 240-276-6071
Vicki F. Sadique Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist 5W330 240-276-5080
Clinical Trials Operations and Informatics Branch (CTOIB)
Name Position Room Email Phone
Michael Montello, PharmD, MBA Branch Chief 5W560 240-276-6080
Shanda Finnigan, MPH, RN, CRCC Associate Branch Chief for Informatics 5W244 240-276-6058
Martha Kruhm, MS, RAC Associate Branch Chief for Operations, Head, PIO 5W246 240-276-6059
Charles Choi, MS Deputy Head of CTEP PIO 5W548 240-276-6465
Barry Goldspiel, PharmD Clinical Trials Support Specialist 5W338 240-276-5390
Li Jia, PhD Biomedical Informatics Project Manager 5W430 240-276-5453
Andre Littlejohn Extramural Support Specialist 5W554 240-276-6131
Josh Lorenzo, MPH Co-Head, CIRB Strategy and Operations 5W446 240-276-6141
Melissa McKay-Daily, PhD Health Science Policy Analyst 5W242 240-276-7051
Radim Moravec, PhD Program Officer for Biomedical Informatics Projects 5W326 240-276-6072
Amanda Putnick Sly, CIP, MS Co-Head, CIRB Strategy and Operations 5W442 240-276-7305
Investigational Drug Branch (IDB)
Name Position Room Email Phone
Steven Gore, MD Acting Branch Chief 5W524 240-276-6318
Helen X. Chen, MD Associate Branch Chief 5W456 240-276-6106
S. Percy Ivy, MD Associate Branch Chief 5W458 240-276-6107
Andrecia Cunningham Clinical Operations Manager 5W448 240-276-5213
Lorraine Pelosof, MD, PhD Physician 5W512 240-276-6281
Cheryl Pickett-Gies, MD, PhD Physician 5W524 240-276-5421
Nicole Pultar Administrative Assistant 5W504 240-276-6974
Rabih Said, MD Physician 5W602 240-276-6159
Howard Streicher, MD Physician N/A 240-276-6104
Mary Walker Administrative Assistant 5W508 240-276-6120
Pharmaceutical Management Branch (PMB)
Name Position Room Email Phone
Tali M. Johnson, Pharm D, BCOP Branch Chief 5W240 240-276-6054
Matthew J. Boron, RPh Associate Branch Chief 5W230 240-276-6052
Alvin Blackmon, RPh, Pharm D, BCNP Senior Clinical Research Pharmacist 5W232 240-276-5507
Joseph Davis Administrative Assistant 5W226 240-276-6050
Kayla Dye, RPh, Pharm D Senior Clinical Research Pharmacist 5W224 240-620-0526
Rodney Howells, RPh Senior Clinical Research Pharmacist 240-276-6053
Cynthia D. Jiles, RPh Senior Clinical Research Pharmacist 5W238 240-276-6055
Ravie Kem, RPH, PharmD, MPH Senior Clinical Research Pharmacist 5W218 240-276-6046
Jennifer Thompson, RPh, PharmD, BCOP Senior Clinical Research Pharmacist 5W562 240-276-6049
Eileen Wu, Pharm D Senior Clinical Research Pharmacist 5W234 240-276-5866
Regulatory Affairs Branch (RAB)
Name Position Room Email Phone
Bhanu Ramineni, MS, MS Branch Chief 5W532 240-276-6068
Jianqiao Zhang, PhD Associate Chief, Agreement Coordination Group 5W526 240-276-6126
Jason Denner, BS Regulatory Program Specialist, R&D Agreements 5W514 240-276-6116
Lynne Huang, PhD, JD Senior Intellectual Property Adviser 4W446 240-276-6017
Maria Gema Martin Manso, PhD Regulatory Affairs Manager 5W306 240-276-6618
Ellen Mintz, PhD, MS Regulatory Affairs Specialist 5W534 240-276-6098
Nicole Monteiro Program Specialist 5W516 240-276-6008
Dupeh Palmer-Ochieng, PhD Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager 5W318 240-276-0522
Julie Rhie, PhD, RPh Pharmacologist, Senior Regulatory Affairs Scientist 5W312 240-276-6065
Karen Said, BA Executive Assistant 5W502 240-276-6119
Jyotsna R. Sandil, MD Regulatory Affairs Specialist 5W536 240-276-7274
Berna Uygur, PhD Technology Transfer & Patent Specialist 5W528 240-276-6965
Jeffrey Walenta Technology Transfer & Patent Specialist 5W530 240-620-0874