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Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP)
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Office of the Associate Director
Plans, evaluates and coordinates extramural clinical research programs testing combined modality approaches and the testing of investigational new agents
Clinical Investigations Branch
Oversees late phase, multi-center clinical trials exploring new therapeutics and biomarkers
Clinical Trials Monitoring Branch
Ensures data integrity and compliance with protocol and regulatory requirements
Clinical Trials Operations and
Informatics Branch

Supports IT and other key aspects of protocol development, review, and conduct
Investigational Drug Branch
Implements clinical trials of experimental therapeutics
Pharmaceutical Management Branch
Delivers pharmaceutical support and registers investigators for NCI clinical trials
Regulatory Affairs Branch
Provides IND support and implements agreements for pharmaceutical use

About the Associate Director

Meg Mooney, MD, MSMeg Mooney, MD, MS, became the Acting Associate Director of CTEP in December 2018, then accepted the position of Associate Director in April 2020, with oversight and coordination responsibilities for the programmatic, financial, and administrative functions for the entire CTEP program, which covers a broad, multidisciplinary, clinical research effort to coordinate nationwide phase 1-3 clinical trials programs testing new treatment approaches for cancer. She is also the Chief of the Clinical Investigations Branch. More…


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