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Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP)
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Last Updated: 01/30/20

Charles Choi, MS

Deputy Head of CTEP PIO

Charles Choi, MS, became the Deputy Head of CTEP PIO in December 2019. He joined NCI in 2012 and was most recently a Program Analyst for the Division of Extramural Activities. Prior to NCI, he was a Grants Clerk at the National Institute on Aging.

Mr. Choi received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Health with a concentration in social sciences from Johns Hopkins University and his Master of Science degree in Health Promotion Management with a focus on health communications from American University.

About the Branch Chief

Michael Montello, PharmD, MBA Michael Montello, PharmD, MBA, has been with CTEP for 25+ years. He has led or participated in dozens of major initiatives and projects during his career. More…