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Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP)
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Last Updated: 09/26/23

Staff, Pictures and Bios

Name Position Room Email Phone
Michael Montello, PharmD, MBA Branch Chief 5W560 240-276-6080
Shanda Finnigan, MPH, RN, CRCC Associate Branch Chief for Informatics 5W244 240-276-6058
Martha Kruhm, MS, RAC Associate Branch Chief for Operations, Head, PIO 5W246 240-276-6059
Charles Choi, MS Deputy Head of CTEP PIO 5W548 240-276-6465
Barry Goldspiel, PharmD Clinical Trials Support Specialist 5W338 240-276-5390
Li Jia, PhD Biomedical Informatics Project Manager 5W430 240-276-5453
Andre Littlejohn Extramural Support Specialist 5W554 240-276-6131
Josh Lorenzo, MPH Co-Head, CIRB Strategy and Operations 5W446 240-276-6141
Melissa McKay-Daily, PhD Health Science Policy Analyst 5W242 240-276-7051
Radim Moravec, PhD Program Officer for Biomedical Informatics Projects 5W326 240-276-6072
Amanda Putnick Sly, CIP, MS Co-Head, CIRB Strategy and Operations 5W442 240-276-7305

About the Branch Chief

Michael Montello, PharmD, MBA Michael Montello, PharmD, MBA, has been with CTEP for 25+ years. He has led or participated in dozens of major initiatives and projects during his career. More…