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Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP)
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Last Updated: 05/30/18

Person Registration

CTEP Identity and Access Management (IAM) Website

The Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) Identity and Access Management (IAM) application is a web-based application intended for use by all study personnel involved in the conduct of NCI-sponsored clinical trials.

Associate (A) and Associate Basic (AB) registration types will use the CTEP-IAM application to obtain a user account and to complete their NCI registration.

Investigator (IVR), Non-Physician Investigator (NPIVR), and Associate Plus (AP) registration types will first use the CTEP-IAM application to obtain a user account. Once the person has an active IAM account, they will need to complete their NCI registration through the NCI Registration and Credential Repository.

An active CTEP-IAM user account will be needed to access all CTEP, CTSU (Cancer Trials Support Unit), and NCI CIRB (National Cancer Institute Central Institutional Review Board) websites and applications.

To register and to obtain a user account:

For questions, please contact the CTEP Registration Help Desk.

IAM Account Creation Instructions:

For registration type (IVR, NPIVR, AP, A) definitions, please see the RCR (Registration and Credential Repository) web page or the Introduction to CTEP’s Registration and Credential Repository (RCR) slide deck.

About the Branch Chief

Tali M. Johnson, Pharm D, BCOP Dr. Johnson manages many investigational agents in support of NCI-sponsored cancer treatment trials as well as a variety of activities related to new drug development.

She holds a BA in Biology from the University of Rochester. After spending many years performing molecular biology research, she attended the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and graduated with a PharmD. More…